party decoration

Ideas for Party Decoration

Birthday parties, bachelor parties… We hold all kinds of parties so that everyone can get together and have a good time. The party arrangement can show the host's taste, so it is worthwhile to spend much thought on it. Today we’ll share with you some tips for party decorating.


Theme for the party

First of all, you should determine the theme of your party. The theme of the party can be divided into two aspects: The location of the party and the purpose of the party. Mostly there are outdoor party, garden party, indoor party and beach party for the first category. And birthday party, proposal party, Christmas party, costume party, barbecue party and so on for different purpose.

Foods and Drinks

it can be said that every guest at a party is more or less interested in what they eat or drink. We don't have a fixed pattern. Just to suit the taste of the public.

Simple staple food and side dishes are essential, and different choices should be made according to different seasons. If it's a hot summer day, it's best to prepare some cool drinks for guests, such as frozen drinks, green tea, etc. Light, no heating foods and fruits are also appropriate. Winter is suitable for black tea, coffee, meat, eggs and other foods that can enhance physical fitness. In terms of boozes, there can be more kinds because there are many people attending parties with different tastes. For the diversity of the foods, you can also choose casual foods like chestnuts and popcorn at parties.

In addition to the essential snacks, you can make some simple foods and drinks yourself. For example, make your own cocktail, bake your own cake, cookies, salad is also a good choice. These foods are easy to make and look good on the table. They also show the cooking skills of the host and is very suitable for family parties.


Except for the above, some other details of decorating also counts.

Gold, brass, silver, and add white and black as the main colors of your party. Metal tassels, colorful balloons and lots of fun props will make the decorations look great. In order to plan a memorable party, you should not only have your more to do with food but also add some fun props. All of these can add your party’s attractiveness.

Some items for party:

  1. Balloon

When it comes to party stuff, balloons may be the first thing that comes to our mind. The colorful balloon is the good helper for the scene decorating absolutely. Balloons are in a variety of shapes, colors, and low prices, which are important for the main venue layout.

  1. Triangle flag suit

This is also a practical item while we decorating the party. Hanging it on walls, doors, windows, tables and everywhere else you think should be dressed up. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and prices. It's even more practical than a balloon because it can be folded up for repeated usage.

  1. Colorful string lights and scented candles

Parties are usually held in the evening. Lights are essential. What kinds of lights will you choose for your party? You can imagine the scene if the main lights are turned off and only decorative string lights and scented candles are left. It would be so lovely and awesome!

  1. The photo wall

Whether it's a birthday party or a proposal party, the photo wall works well. The theme of the photo wall of a birthday party can be the growth of the birthday person, and the couple's showing their love can be a proper theme of the proposal party. The photo wall can be applied to any party for it just need to change the theme for different parties.

  1. Tablecloths and flowers

Tablecloths of different colors and patterns can create a different atmosphere. The whole picture will become very beautiful if accompanied by a bouquet of well-matched flowers. It's perfect if you add nice disposable cutlery. Now there are a lot of beautiful one-time complete set tablewares, which design is diversiform and good-looking. Besides, it is very convenient to clean up afterward.

  1. Mask

You can ask each of your friends to choose a different mask to wear on their arrival for a temporarily masked ball in the dark. You can also ask them to play some little games with a mask to mobilize the atmosphere. A mask can bring something even out of your imagination for we cannot distinguish each other under it.

  1. Various headbands and wigs

The birthday tiaras and hats, as well as the headbands of cartoon characters and the colorful wigs of clowns, will make the party more fun. It is also will be funny to take some photos wearing them.

  Hope this article can help you when you need some ideas about party decorating.