how to light a kitchen

How to Light a Kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home these days. We need to put more thought into making it functional, comfortable and even ornamental. When we talk about the decoration of kitchen, lights are inevitable.

The ideas about the lighting for kitchen are different for different uses. It totally can be divided into three aspects: kitchen task lighting, kitchen accent lighting and general kitchen lighting.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Kitchen task lighting is targeted the lighting for the must-accomplished task in daily life. It may focused on the cabinets, drawers, countertop, kitchen sink and somewhere you will normally do things or go. For these places, LED strip lights and closet lights are most suitable. It will not take too much places or need too much energy to power them. One thing you should know at first is that it’s best to choose three levels of light in a kitchen: down lights (also called recessed), under-cabinet strip lighting, and hanging (or pendant) lighting. The brightness can vary from different places.

Kitchen Accent Lighting

If the room is well lit, add accent lighting for interest. One idea is to float shelves at open cabinets, or cabinets with glass doors, and mount LED strip lights in the back of the shelves. This creates a wash of light at the back cabinet wall that highlights the objects on the shelves.

General Kitchen Lighting

By the time you have accounted for all of your task and accent lighting in the kitchen, you should not need much more additional light to fill in the space. At this time, well-placed recessed lighting, a chandelier or decorative pendant lighting is the best choice. This is a good opportunity to show your own style.


Kitchen is a special place for everyone. Hope this article can help you light your kitchen better. View more from here.