preparation of summer camp

Preparation for Summer Camp

The temperature is warming up and it's a good time to travel outdoors again. When traveling, many people choose to camp out. Good preparation is half the battle. What should we prepare before we go camping? Today, we'll give you a detailed description of what you need to prepare for your summer camping trip.

Large outdoor backpack

The capacity of outdoor backpack selection should be between 60L and 80L. Only 60L and 80L can pack all camping equipment in the bag. Although there are many external hanging buckles for outdoor bags, the equipment should be put in the bag as much as possible for it can be moisture-proof and protective. Shopping for an outdoor backpack is also very exquisite. First, choosing a structured one that can balances the stress on your back for this can effectively reduce the stress weight. Then you should choose a waterproof one for it can protect the thing inside not to be wet by rain fog water.

Effective pest control equipment and drugs

There are more mosquitoes for camping in summer, so it could be better choosing a tent with fine mosquito nets. In hot and humid woodlands, it is best to wipe mosquito repellent over the whole body. In the absence of mosquito repellent drugs, you can use wormwood to drive absent mosquitoes in the tent. Or using an anti-mosquito lamp that connects to a USB port can also be effective against mosquito bites. In case you get bitten by a centipede, gnats, or flies, apply cold compresses with Ammonia water or ointment immediately.

Double-deck tent against heavy rain

Outdoor sports tents are divided into two categories: three-season tents (for general outdoor activities) and four-season tents (for winter/high mountains).

Three-season tents are usually lighter and are generally used in the milder climates of spring, summer and autumn. Three-season tents usually perform well in rain, but the design features also make it difficult for them to cope with excessive snowfall. A three-season tent can barely hold two inches of snow on it, but when it falls 20 inches, you're in trouble.

Stronger year-round tents typically add one or two support rods to support the system against stronger winds or thicker snow. Winter tents are usually designed to be sleek domes to minimize the flatness of the top of the tent and prevent the accumulation of snow. Of course, these winter/alpine tents are also suitable for relatively mild weather conditions. It's just the extra weight of their support rods that makes them heavier than the three seasons of the tent.

For the first camper, the tent can be rented from an outdoor supply store. However, we still recommend buying it by yourself, because a cost-effective tent is not expensive either. Another reason is that you want to camp again after the first camping, so you might as well buy your own tent. I suggest buying tents online for it will be more affordable. You’d better choose a few high praise rate shop, but must remember to choose the double tent that prevents rainstorm. Because the double tent is very waterproof, it is relatively spacious and comfortable to sleep in.

A cloth wider than the tent

The main function of the ground cloth is to pad the bottom of the tent, and also to prevent the water from permeating the bottom of the tent. The other is to prevent the bottom of the tent against getting dirty and cleaning the whole tent after coming back, which will directly affect the life of the tent. All problems will be solved if the floor cloth is covered.

Thicker moisture-proof pad

It is more likely to find an uneven ground outside, so a thicker mat is necessary which can make you sleep better. The reason why you choose a moisture-proof pad over a gasket is that it's hard to tidy.

A sleeping bag

  Many people think that you can avoid carrying a sleeping bag in the hot summer weather, but that's not the case. If the weather cools down or temperature varies widely from day to night, a sleeping bag is essential. Sleeping bags can help prevent mosquito bites as well.

Outdoor cooking utensils

This is an outdoor necessity. Food is a source of energy, and only when you are full can you have strength. Outdoor cooking utensils are convenient to use, simple to receive, and easy to clean.

A bright flashlight

A flashlight with strong light is indispensable for camping out. Not only does it light up the surroundings, but it is also a good defensive tool when necessary. In the tent, you can also hang a flashlight on the top of the tent as a tent lamp. You need a flashlight that can reach 30 meters away. Generally, when you buy a flashlight with a strong light, it is equipped with one battery. Remember to buy another one in case you need it.

Hope this article can help you when you plan to go for a camping.