Sunnest UV Toilet Night Light, Motion Activated Toilet Light, 16 Colors Changing LED Toilet Bowl Nightlight with Aromatherapy


No More Stumbling at Night

When people close to the toilet within 3 to 5 meters, the human body infrared wavelengths will be detected by pyroelectric sensor, the color changing LED light start working. 16 different colors will be flashing constantly for 2 minutes and the toilet light will automatically shut off after 2 minutes when you leave, then UV lamp begins to work, sterilizing for 2 minutes, and then the system is restored to the initial state. But when someone is near, UV lights stop working, color LED light begin to work.

Extra Fragrance Slices

Every light comes with 2 pcs of fragrance slices, just take down the cover then put the slice in the toilet light. It will purify the smell around your bathroom, and one can be used for 2-3 months.

 Fit Many Toilet Bowls

The soft PVC arm can be bent to hang the light on the side of the toilet or any other places that your need a sensor light. One can be used for many different occasions.

16 Colors Rotation

One button controls the light with two modes, 16 color changing or one color flashing, warm light offers colorful light decoration for your washroom while not irritating your eyes at night.