Sunnest Life Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Sealer, Automatic Dry & Wet Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine with Suction Hose and 15 Vacuum Bags Included

Sunnest Life 4-in-1 Food Vacuum Sealer
“SEAL” Mode: only seal the bag without vacuuming. 
“VAC” Mode: only vacuum without sealing.
“VAC SEAL” Mode: both vacuuming and sealing.
“TEMP” Function: choose proper temp based on dry and wet food.

Features and Benefits:
Small: only one third the size of other 4-in-1 food sealer.
Waterproof: easy to clean the sealer body with running water.
Energy-saving: adopted 5mm nichrome heating coil improves heating efficiency.
Highly effective: 60Kpa strong suction ensures optimal airtight seal and fast vacuum.
Saving: achieve food saving, money saving, space saving and time saving.
1、Versatile Vacuum Sealer: Works well on vacuum seal, only seal and only vacuum. A must-have in kitchen to prevent your food from freezer burn, and keep it fresh 5x longer. Save your food, money and fridge space.
2、Dry & Wet Food Seal: Sunnest Life food sealer offers optimal preservation for dry & wet food. “Dry” mode for solid food and “Wet” for juicier food. You can choose proper temp levels for packing bags of different thickness.
3、Easy & Safe to Use: Fully automatic vacuum seal, one-key operation with LED indicator lights, making our vacuum sealer machine simple to use for green hands. Besides, overheating protection ensures safe use.
4、Great Suction & Hose:Adoric food vacuum sealer, with 60Kpa powerful suction, gets air drawing and sealing done in seconds. A free vacuum hose applies to external vacuum for storage jars and wine bottle.
5、All in One Kit: Contains a compact bag sealer, 15 vacuum bags and a suction hose. Ideal for sous vide cooking, all types of food storage, also protecting your precious paper and photos against oxidation.