Rechargeable Headlamp, LED Headlight Super Bright Head Torch, 6000 Lumens Waterproof Head Lamp with 4 Brightness Modes, Perfect for Running Camping Outdoor Hiking and Walking 


Super Bright Headlamp- Provide bright light for camping, hiking, cycling, rock climbing at night and other challenging outdoor activities.


High Intensity LED Lights- 4 modes are available from a button on the headlamp. One mode: 1L2 in the middle; Two: 2R5 in two sides; Three: 1L2+2R5 (all lights); Four in strobe mode.


Personalized Design- Adjustable strap can adjust to proper size for your head. And the head of headlamp can be moved up and down to aim at the direction you need to see clearly.


Parallel Batteries Pack- One or two 18650 batteries included can normally work. Two batteries work brighter and last longer.


Warranty & Contents- Offer 1 year warranty. 3 high light LED bulbs, 2×18650 certified li-ion batteries with battery bag, micro USB cable, SOS whistle on the band are included.