Sunnest Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • 100% Himalayan crystal salts from Himalayan Mountains with a durable base made of rosewood, its exquisite hand-carved shape is perfect for decoration.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp works to enhance the ionic balance of your living spaces. When heated Salt Crystal Lamp emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation. The naturally ionized air also helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed.
  • When lighting up, the lamp emits calming amber color to create a lighting ambiance, which can lift your mood and relieve stress.
  • Our salt lamp can be used to create a romantic space and healthier living atmosphere, it is a great choice to send salt lamp as a gift for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and Christmas.
  • Come with a dimmer switch, you can adjust the luminance by rotating the ridged wheel on a switch. (Remark: Each salt lamp may be slightly different from each other in color, shape or size due to the natural variation in Himalayan crystal salts.)