How to Decorate a Garden

How to Decorate a Garden

Imagine yourself sitting in a fragrant, green garden, holding a cup of warm scented tea or coffee on a summer night with the vast starry sky, enjoying the beauty of the garden and savoring your drink. Many people want to make their gardens warm and comfortable, and even plan to show their skills and decorate their own private garden!

But how on earth should the garden be decorated to let others’ eyes light up?

Choose a garden style

The first thing you should do when designing a garden is to take a bit of time to decide what sort of garden you want it to be. Then, and only then, with that decision in place, can you begin to develop your thoughts. So begin by closing your eyes tightly and trying to envisage how you want your garden to look.

The courtyard of contemporary style is contracted but not simple. The irregular decoration shows the trend of modernization. The sensory experience of bright and dark color contrast with obvious plant configuration is caught off guard, which reflects the flight of imagination of modern young people. It does not have a strong theme and can be more inclusive in the later greening.

In a classic bucolic garden, neither formal nor regular lines appear, replaced by a natural meadow effect. Meanwhile, freedom, nature, romance and leisure are the essence of the Mediterranean garden.

Minimalist gardens are the antithesis of contemporary mix and match. Limit the use of color, and plant in blocks using greater numbers but fewer varieties – less is more in a minimalist garden.

Choose a garden style and you will create a more focused and eye-catching space that will be the envy of your neighbors.

What should you notice before garden decoration?


In garden design, the first thing needs to notice is the problem of drainage. Plants, like people, need water. When the rain suddenly increases, the rain in the courtyard or small garden cannot be discharged in a short period of time, it may cause the rainwater to linger and even overflow into the indoor, finally bring inconvenience to the living and traveling. So when designing a garden, you should keep the roof drained smoothly. The general principle is to ensure that the drainage direction and slope of the roof of the original building can discharge water well.


Soil is an essential part of growing plants. It is better to prepare more soil before you decorate the garden. Not only can you grow flowers with it, but you can also grow some grass which just likes a natural lawn. If you have a roof garden in your house, you should apply a layer of waterproof glue on the ground before spreading the soil.

Garden toolset

If you are a gardener, you need the right garden tool set. Common gardening tools include turpentine hoes and flowerpots, etc. Using some handy gardening tools can make our gardening work more efficient. They can all help us grow flowers and vegetables better. In addition, gloves, shovels, buckets, hoses, seeding and planting tools, trimmers, and grafting knives are essential tools. When choosing a gardening tool, you should consider their shape, size, and price which make it be a good helper in decorating your garden.


When choosing plants, you should not only choose what you like but also pay attention to the collocation. We also should choose them according to their characteristics. Some plants like damp, some like dry, some have strong vitality, some are very fragile. With plants, the next step is to choose a home for plants. We can choose a few Wrought iron frame which closes to nature for chlorophytum, which will have lingering charm.

Some garden ornament ideas


Some twinkle lights may be the first choice. You'll be surprised how a couple strands of twinkle lights turn your garden into the spot in your house for outdoor summer hangouts. For the garden where wiring is not convenient, solar garden lights will help you solve the big problems. You will never know gorgeous it is before you pave the garden pebbles glow in the dark on your daily trail at night.

A chiminea

There are few things more enjoyable than a long summer fire. But a fire pit can be an eye-sore, and some communities don’t allow them at all. Whether metal or clay, the right chiminea incorporated into your garden can bring hours of family bonding time, while also providing a beautiful showpiece for your garden.

Antiqued garden tools

Antique-looking shovels, hoes, and other hand tools can be hung on fences or strategically placed throughout your garden. These are beautiful accent pieces that will really tie your garden together.

Bird baths

Smaller ones can be hung from trees or larger ones placed on the ground throughout your garden. Not only are they attractive and homey, but they are great when the little birds start utilizing them. Just make sure to always try to keep the baths filled with fresh water!

Ceramic Pots

White ceramic pots on a wooden stand add a fresh, modern feel to a garden.


Hope this article can help you when you have the idea to decorate your garden. You can see more from here.