7 Items Best for Your Bedroom

7 Items Best for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place that we rest and sleep, it must be decorated to be comfortable for us. "Bed, bedside table, wardrobe" these three items are the standard of the bedroom. Many families even only have these three items in their bedrooms. But we spend at least eight hours a day in the bedroom. Are you really willing to do this with your life? If you don't know how to do it, don't worry. Today we're going to share 9 bedroom goodies that will improve your quality of life and comfort.


To be honest, it's a bit tiring to play with phone and read books in bed. However, it would be more comfortable with an armchair. The armchairs are also perfect temporary hangers. Changed clothes and bed pillows to pile on the chair when you want to sleep. Armchair goes with the bookshelf can form a small reading Angle. Choose brown leather sofa chair can be quite retro. Armchair, the geometrical element ground mat of the foot, and the bedside table build reading space perfectly. What a pleasant thing it would be to read and drink tea in this corner. Sit in the corner of the room by the window, next to a small side table. Behind the empty wall hung a decorative picture. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is warm. Are you too comfortable to go to bed? The small bedroom can choose the plastic material chair of an integral model. The first recommendation is light and durable Eames chair, which has a sense of design and is available in various colors for easy matching.


Rugs are not as difficult to care for as you might think. Just vacuum a few days. The bedroom is not like the sitting room or dining-room, carpet can appear seldom the circumstance that cleans hard, so it can be used at ease. The most common way to lay a bedroom carpet is to use the back of the bed to hold half the room. The ethnic style carpet with rich color is especially suitable for the pure white room with Nordic style. The whole space is lit up with a touch of color. Geometrical element carpet, the line infuses artistic temperament for space. A strip of carpet was laid beside the bed which allows us to rely on bed edge to sit on the floor reading or entertainment. Circular carpet can be divided into a piece of private space exclusive to you. A long carpet can also be spread at the end of the bed. Still can fold the carpet of two different design crosswise. Change the placement once in a while, the different shape will bring you a different mood.


If the bedroom is vertical, and length allows, bed chair is really an excellent choice. It can sit-lie rest and place clothing, also can decorate the bedroom style very well, brings different artistic style and modern sense. A square bench of solid wood with an interior space filled with books. You can sit down and read one at any time. Use a simple solid wood bench with a fur mat for extra softness. Or the retro brown leather softness of the bench.

Nice light

The thing is to make it convenient according to your needs. The lamp of the bedroom needs light downy, avoiding to stab an eye. The styling needs to match the interior style. Light dimmers are also a good idea: you will get the right mood any time by switching from bright day-like light to romantic ambiance. Choosing the lamps and lanterns with a stronger sense of design can decorate a space. Bedside lamp is the soul of the bedroom. Small desk lamp of slender figure, economize a space again sweet and lovely. Small desk lamp of slender figure, economize the space and sweet and lovely. Wall lamps are also a good choice. Save the space of table of bedside table already, can stretch freely adjust lamplight height and illuminate direction, assure comfortable evening reading. The simplest ball bulb can satisfy illume and adornment need very well.


Can bedside table hold too few things? A beautiful chest of drawers can hold a large number of trivial items. Teak-colored middle ancient drawer side cabinet can elevate the tone of the room with a casual pose.

Dressing mirror

A large mirror in the bedroom can make you shine from the moment you step out of the bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling mirror with a narrow border of the solid wood positioned on one side of the bed or near the head of the bed. Looking at the reflection of the room from the mirror is also very beautiful.

Green plants

For a complete household is decorated, green plant is the pen that makes the finishing point. It is the fresh soul of household space more. Green plants release carbon dioxide at night, so a large number of green plants are not recommended in closed bedroom spaces. A small amount of embellishment is perfectly fine. In addition, avoid placing odorous and poisonous plants, so as not to affect sleep quality and health.


Hope this article can help you get some ideas about your bedroom decoration. For more, you can see from here.