3 Harms of Night Lights to Kids

3 Harms of Night Lights to Kids

A night light refers specifically to a lamp used for night sleep lighting, which installed in the head of the bed or aisle position of the bedroom commonly and is convenient for people to get up and move at night. The night light is powered mainly by direct plug and intelligent induction. The light of night lamp is downy, can have illume effect already, compare other bright lamp still has protective visual effect.

The function of night light


The main function of night light is illumination. More specifically, it is the lamp that facilitates people nocturnal activity and is installed at the head of the bed or footpath of the bedroom. Night lamp brought a clear and downy light to people in dark night, which can avoid inconvenience or bump problem because of the bedroom is too dim. No matter get up and drinking water or go to toilet, can let people see indoor environment clearly and give people a kind of security.

Aromatherapy Lamp

Except the lighting effect, some night lamp products also add aromatherapy essential oil and turn it into an aromatherapy lamp, so as to create a warm and comfortable rest environment and help improve people's sleep quality. In addition, night lights can be used as insect-repelling lamp with adding the mosquito repellent, thus creating a green and healthy living space.

Sterilizing Lamp

If it is the night lamp that can add liquid and has evaporate action, Liquid vinegar can be added so that it can play a good disinfection effect, avoiding the problem of bacterium growing. And it still can clean air very well, assure the clean sanitation of bedroom space.

The harms of night lights to kids

Although night lights can ease children's fear of the dark, sleeping in them can be potentially harmful. The specific impact can be summarized as the following aspects:

Sleep quality

According to the research, no matter what kind of artificial light source will bring some pressure to people. Living under this kind of pressure for a long time will lead to emotional instability and restlessness. For the baby, the little night light is turned on every night, which will make the baby's sleep shallow and easy to wake up. That is to say, turning on the night light to sleep is to affect the child sleep quality.

But compared with the direct glare of the bright lights in the darkness the effect of a dim night light may seem insignificant. Bright lights that shine in the dark, even for just a few minutes, can trigger changes in the expression of genes in the nerve and body clock that affect hormone secretion.

Growth and development

It is well known that children's growth is mostly carried out in sleep, and growth hormone is secreted during sleep. Therefore, children with good sleep are naturally healthy, strong and resistant.

There is an endocrine organ in our brain called the pineal gland, which is responsible for the production of large amounts of melatonin during the night when the body goes to sleep. Melatonin suppresses the excitability of our sympathetic nervous system, relaxes our heart and kills cancer cells. One of the biggest features of the pineal gland is that whenever the eye sees light, melatonin stops working. Although eyelid has the effect that partly covers illuminant, open lamp still can feel illuminant.

When people fall asleep at night, pine cones secrete a large amount of melatonin, which can inhibit the release of gonadotropin in the pituitary gland and prevent sexual precocity.

Children also secrete growth hormones during sleep. When the lights are on, growth hormone levels drop, slowing development. So open night light can interfere with the child growth hormone secretion, is not conducive to growth.

Visual development

According to new research, children who turn on the light to sleep before the age of two are 34% more likely to develop nearsightedness. After the age of 2, when you turn on the light to sleep, the rate of future myopia is 55%. And only 10 percent of children who turn off the lights and go to sleep have myopia.

The period between two and three years of age is a critical period for a baby's visual development. Turning on the light for long periods of time can cause the pupils to fail to really relax and rest, and the nerves and muscles in the eyes remain tense. Different levels of light can alter eye growth, the length of the eye axis, which is closely related to myopia.

We can feel it even with our eyes closed under a weak light. Often turn on the light to sleep causing the eye does not get very good rest, which can let the child get myopia of rate increase.

Some suggestions for night lights

If your child is afraid of sleeping in the dark at night, choose to buy a night light with soft lighting and avoid direct lighting to your child's eyes.

In addition, you can choose sensor night light. Sensor night light refers to that the switch of night light can be controlled by human body temperature or sound, making the living of bedroom space more convenient. This avoids the problem of having the night light on all night. As long as people need to get up and move indoors, they only need to control the night light through simple body language or voice, which is energy-saving and greatly convenient for people's daily life.

Hope this can help you learn about your kid’s sleep. You can see more from here.